DNP strong growth fuelled by business acquisition

Financials 2012


With the closing of the fiscal year for the DNP Corporation by End of March, it was time for the European sales and marketing organisation to review the year 2011. An enormous success can be communicated.

In the center of the analysis is of course the success of the acquisition of Sony’s photofinishing business. It is now exactly 12 months that this business was integrated, with some normal and some rather extraordinary infancy issues. Nevertheless, the 2011 result in volume is 285% vs. prior year.

“The year 2011 was a very successful one for DNP, despite the major challenge of a media shortage of the first half of 2011. This caused by the destruction of a media factory in the events of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. Recovery had been slower than hoped for, especially in the light of the difficult situation for DNP’s valued customers”, says Mark Buelow, European Marketing Manager.

Infancy issues have been overcome, and the organisation is better equipped than ever to take on the task of becoming market leader in onsite photofinishing.

Regardless of 2011’s difficulties, DNP have almost tripled the volume of photos the company sold in Europe compared to the prior year. In value, the figures more than tripled, due to the lower media price for DNP print systems.

But the Sony takeover is only a part in the puzzle. Even comparing media volume for DNP’s own printers, an increase by 119% could be witnessed.

The growth numbers in short:

Acquired growth (print volume Sony 2011 vs. DNP 2010):                        65.2%

Organic growth (print volume without acquisition effect 2011 vs. 2010):   219.4%

Total growth (print volume 2011 vs. 2010):                                            284.6% (+184.6%)

Business ratio:

Media volume ratio (DNP vs. Sony printers, 2011):                                    77% vs. 23%

Impressive results in a difficult economic environment, and figures that show that the market position of DNP in the top 3 onsite photofinishing manufacturers is only an intermediate step.

“We are aiming much higher, and the amazing news for our partners is: it is actually achiev­able!” says Buelow. DNP is set out to challenge the industry leader.

To feed theses ambitions, DNP Photo Imaging Europe invests more money than ever in their communications, growing their sales teams and supporting their distribution partners. New products already introduced and coming in 2012 shall help to attack market opportunities.

Mr. Buelow is convinced to be able to disclose great numbers again in one year. “We are thanking all partners for their great contribution to DNP’s success”, he concludes.