New revenue stream for wedding & event photographers

DNP Party Print is the mobile app for prints from party guests’ snapshots


DNP Party Print is the mobile app for prints from party guests’ snapshots that pleases party hosts, guests and event photographers alike.

A smart way to earn money with the vast amount of snapshots from smartphones and tablets, this intelligent system is ideal for wedding & event photographers. With modern mobile applications, consumers can directly send their images to the Party Print system installed at the venue and take home great souvenirs. It’s instant, it’s fun, it’s great photos!

Today, there are more photos taken than ever before. Wide availability of digital capture devices result in an ever-increasing number of photos uploaded to social networks – 7.5bn new photos appear on Facebook each and every month. Where do those images come from? Both Futuresource Consulting and Flickr, the number one photo gallery in the world, speak a clear language: Many come from smartphones! They are with us at all times, their cameras are sufficient in quality to be viewed online, and most importantly, these devices are unbeatable in terms of sharing pictures. The connectivity to the internet- be it their Facebook page or other means of sharing – enable a quick delivery to friends and family.

With this abundance of everyday memories, we still see that the experts of photography are missing out on a good potential business. The product planners of DNP have sat down to develop a method to both offer an innovative service to the consumer and a good additional source of income for professional photographers.

DNP Party Print, the new mobile application-based product of DNP Photo Imaging Europe, ticks all the boxes: it opens up the reach of event photographers to offer a great and fun service to events. It’s a solution to all wedding couples who never in the past saw the guests’ snapshots, and it’s a nice extra for corporate or social events. Offering a snapshot photo service is a great complimentary service to the professional portraits. For the guests, it’s a fun way to retain printed memories from special moments. Usually the majority of snapshots ends up on the memory of the camera phones, but never makes it to any other output device. Some photographers bring it online. Now it’s time to share these prints also during the party, and bring them home as souvenirs.

DNP Party Print is compatible with all modern PCs and supports output on DNP printers DS40,
DS-RX1 and DS80 for standard formats 10x15cm up to 20x30cm. The setup on location is very space-saving as you just install the laptop or PC and a printer, so can be done in any corner or even behind a counter. The recommended business model for event photographers is to rent out the system including a sufficient set of photo consumables for a fixed price, so the investment can be amortised in just a few evening events. It consists of the user-friendly installer software (CD-ROM) and a wireless router. The mobile application for iOS and Android-based tablets and smartphones is available to consumers free of charge in App Stores and Google Play across Europe.

DNP Party Print will be made available for a very affordable price at DNP resellers from July 2013, just in time for the main wedding season.


Background on Party Print:

Bride and groom would like to have a maximum of impressions from the most important day in their lives. That’s why they hire a professional photographer to make a beautiful wedding album and take additional pictures together with friends and family. Many memories from the tables and from groups of people cannot be kept though.

In the past, the wedding couple could hand out single-use film cameras to every table, collect them at the end of the evening and develop snapshots of situations the official photographer could not capture. This is a great idea that DNP transferred into the modern age. Nowadays, there are many instruments to capture memories present, almost with every single guest: smartphones and tablets for many consumers take over this function in everyday life. And thousands of pictures are being made with these appliances during any event, whether social, wedding or corporate. DNP has developed an app for Android and iOS that is able to transfer them to a print system installed on location.

This system is basically the DNP Party Print software, a router and – available separately – any DNP photo printer. Guests can happily shoot away and send images over from their smartphone just after they were captured, collecting the memory back to the table. At the same time there is a file saved to the PC hotfolder that can be handed over to the host after the event, so both guests and bridal couple have lasting memories. It’s that easy, very quick, and represents an additional income stream for event photographers.