DNP continuously on the rise

Photokina 2014 and new hero products


With a wide range of new products, DNP presents many good opportunities for retailers and professional photographers to grasp a share in an exciting business. The news include a new flagship printer model, a duplex printer for onsite photobook applications, a flexible production center that attacks both the entry level segment and is scalable to highest productivity, and new application software for event and studio photographers for faster print workflows. New Tomo™ v6.1 kiosk software is presented on a new wide-screen terminal, fit for installations in photo retail or even large retail projects. In short: DNP’s Photokina booth (Hall 3.1, Stand C020-D029) provides great solutions for photo professionals.

At the last Photokina, DNP presented itself as a new strong player in the field of onsite photo printing, with considerable investments in the business through the acquisition of Konica Minolta’s and Sony’s photofinishing businesses. With the support of a strong network of distribution partners and system integrators, DNP Photo Imaging extended their offering of reliable photo printers across Europe and grew their business to a leading position. New facilities in Asia and the Americas increased production capacity for the photo media.

This year, the company underlines their ambition to serve the onsite photo market with an impressive number of new products and solutions. The new printer DS620, scheduled to arrive in early 2015, introduces rewind and standby functionality to save costs in energy and consumables. It is not only small and light, but with effective 400 prints per hour it is also very fast. Being the new flagship model in DNP’s printer line-up, it is also remarkably reliable. DNP Photo Imaging Europe offer a 2-year warranty on printer and parts, including the thermal print head for up to 75,000 prints (4x6 inch format). Available for the DS620, but also for existing DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 printers, professional photographers will be able to download the new Hot Folder Print (HFP). Standing at a value of 300 EUR, this professional software tool for faster print (and reprint) workflows will be offered free of charge.

Enabling the production of onsite photobooks, but also calendars and greeting cards (both one- and double-sided), the new DS80DX duplex printer will provide benefits to retailers who want to take control of the profitable gifting and photobook markets. Whether with kiosk and PC software such as DiLand or Foto2Go, or with a DS-terminal from DNP, featuring the new Tomo™ v6.1 software, this printer will be a great addition to your onsite photo services. Say “Yes!” when a customer asks you for a photobook ready the same day! Within minutes, prints and binding can be done (e.g. with Unibind staplebinding).

Having mentioned the new software and terminal, they are the new face also for DNP’s systems, such as the DS-K15 photo kiosk, or the future concept of PrintCenter with complete new furniture. Designed for large retail projects, they represent the flexible approach to a customised photo solution. Whatever the space allocation, whatever the required productivity, DNP will be able to design a good system.

Targeting both the photo retail and the event/school photo markets, DNP came up with a scalable system that offers significant benefits. With the modular nexlab™6 production center, the basic model enhances your fast backroom photo service. Installed out of sight in event locations, it is equipped with an operating terminal and two printers as well as state-of-the-art production manager software. The system is expandable to integrate additional printers for higher speed and/or more photo formats. The ability to include the DS80-DX and large format printers allows for additional photo services you can offer onsite, from photobook to posters and canvas. This makes the nexlab™6 concept also an ideal tool for your retail business. Its modularity ensures a low investment, the dye sublimation technology with redundant operation of independent printers allow for operation at a fraction of the service costs as well as savings on energy, water, waste and more compared to traditional minilabs. The easy operation and daily maintenance will free time for your staff to look after customers rather than your technology. With nexlab™6 it’s you who decides what product you get. And you’ll be able to increase whenever you need more.

Featuring the new logo of their photo imaging group, DNP will showcase applications in retail, event, booth and even attractions. Our growing team of national sales managers will be happy to welcome you and discuss your individual requirements.

In the past, at present and in the future, consumers enjoy photos. Memories deserve prints.