Photokina 2012 to reveal a new printing giant

New products and strong ambitions



From 2012 onward, some doubts about the future of photofinishing should be a matter of the past. As there are changes in the consumers’ printing behavior, there are new opportunities opening for those who are ready to listen, understand, deliver and create. Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) is ready to take the lead on the future of onsite photo printing and deliver growth to customers along the value chain.

On September 18th, Photokina will open its doors for a new insight into the trends and developments in the imaging industry. There will be large developments around photo capture, photo sharing and printing. An important topic for this year Photokina is connectivity. Consumers are expecting great connectivity from the camera to the internet. DNP will show on its booth the solutions to their expectations.

In an uncertain economy, which saw the decline of the heavyweight of the photo industry, distributors and owners are worried about the future of their businesses. DNP is there to reassure them. Indeed, with positive revenues of over 300% versus 2010, major investments in recent years and know-how of more than a century, DNP is a key player in the field of photo printing and photo media manufacturing. DNP is more than ever the supplier on which they can rely.

What is even more, DNP is the financially stable partner that is ensuring all retailers and photo professionals that they will be able to count on continuous support and supply for the lifetime of their photofinishing equipment. In times of distress on stock exchanges, when credits are hard to obtain and the industry is consolidating more and more, we are here to say that we are here to grow – with investments in the business and production capacity, and strong ambitions to become the first choice for onsite photofinishing projects.

DNP is coming this year with an enlarged stand compared to 2010 in order to give more space to our new products, DS-ID400 and our astonishing new solutions for kiosk, minilab and customised photo systems for retail. During regular model shootings on the stand, professional event photographers can learn about additional sources of income through instant photo printers. This service is being supported by Darkroom software. Visitors can take home a memory captured by a professional photographer!

There are changes in the industry, and DNP is ready to lead the way to a positive trend – for themselves and the professionals in this industry, whether photographers or retailers. DNP offers a good and solid partnership and reaches out to everyone who is ready!