Product introduction: DNP’s ID photo system DS-ID400

New product


With the product announcement of the new Passport ID photo system DS-ID400, DNP Photo Imaging Europe (DNP) is continuing the legacy created by Sony in digital passport and ID photography. With convenient wireless operation, a print is produced within a minute with the touch of a button. Adding features that further increase the retailer’s revenue, the all-in-one printer and camera system makes it simpler to participate in this profitable business!

At DNP, we realise the importance of passport and ID photo services for our partners in retail. It is one of the key products that will let retailers earn money and fight the recession. Simplicity, reliability, and convenience – these are the demands that we understand from our customers. Three values of DS-ID400 that will let our partners achieve good revenue.

Regulations for ID and passport photos have become more demanding. With state-of-the-art face detection and automatic face alignment, DS-ID400 makes sure you deliver a photo that will pass official controls. The majority of international passport and ID formats are pre-stored in the printer. Custom templates can be added too. Why not combine these layouts together with the package print function? Mix the formal ID shot with an informal shot and sell a package of prints, including full-bleed 10x15cm. More prints mean more profit. Another powerful feature to boost your revenue is save-to-memory. For example, up-sell a USB flash drive together with the prints! Consumers can upload the professionally captured image to their social media profile; this is only one of the many potential applications.

The new DS-ID400/WLAN system comes with a high-end Canon PowerShot G12 camera featuring a 10 Megapixel sensor, a fast DIGIC 4 image processor and an optical viewfinder combined with a large and bright 7cm / 2.8-inch variable angle LCD for full control during and after photo capture. Pictures are transferred via Wireless LAN via a dedicated SDHC card, so there is no need to take a memory card out of the camera and insert it into a printer or kiosk, nor are there cables to trip over. Simply “capture – review – print”: three button pushes on the camera, less than one minute to operate. Full control, no hassle!

Like the former systems Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300, the new DS-ID400/WLAN system prints on 10UPC-X34 and X46 media. You will be able to source it from DNP’s established distribution network.

“The product introduction of the DS-ID400 is one our team has especially looked forward to. As a former employee of Sony Europe I understand the commercial importance of a passport or ID photo service for retail. We have been working with experts in our network of distributors. One year after the business transition we can claim to have the easiest to use and most cost-effective solution on the market. DNP now demonstrates expertise in another important part of the photofinishing market”, says Mark Buelow, European Marketing Manager for DNP. “Furthermore, we can offer the owners of Sony UPX-C200 and UPX-C300 systems an update with the DS-ID400/BT printer. With a Planex USB adaptor, they can connect their existing UPX camera via Bluetooth® and enjoy their current workflow.”

Sales of DS-ID400/WLAN and DS-ID400/BT are commencing across Europe in June 2012. Attractive Point of Sale communication material is available in English, French and German. Furthermore, DNP offers protective passport photo wallets.

 With the DS-ID400, DNP is providing high-quality, compliant ID and passport photos to the consumer and increased profits to the retailer.