DNP finalised the rebranding of their photo activities

Mark Buelow explains what Fotolusio will stand for in the future


Slowly but surely DNP have completed the rebranding of their photo activities. Head of European Marketing Mark Buelow explains what Fotolusio will stand for in the future.

For the past two and a half years, DNP Photo Imaging Europe changed its face radically. With the acquisition of the photofinishing business of Sony and the substantial addition in distribution power came the drive to reposition the brand. As a strong asset, the DNP trademark was put stronger in the focus in the communications, whether on brochures, advertisement or at exhibitions such as the Photokina 2012. Over 137 years of experience in the printing industry pay off with good brand recognition and allow the photo business to be easily recognised for high-quality products and production expertise.

At the same time the global and regional marketing teams aimed to reposition also the Fotolusio sub-brand. It had originally been created to represent the photo activities, and with the new strategy will now serve DNP as a sub-brand and quality indicator for the dye-sublimation media. DNP have redesigned their printer and media products to follow this direction. The printer series DS40, DS80 and DS-RX1 will carry only the DNP brand together with the product name (same as the SnapLabTM DS-SL20 and the ID photo system DS-ID400). The media lines for DS-RX1 will carry the Fotolusio logo with the category “Digital”, while media for the flagship models DS40 and DS80 will be carrying the mark “Premium Digital”.

“The repositioning of the photo activities under the DNP brand has been a rewarding experience”, says Mark Buelow, Head of European Marketing. “Together with my colleagues in the United States, in Japan and other overseas regions we have pushed for the logo of DNP to get stronger visibility.” Early on DNP began to put communication material out featuring this change in appearance. Now the results are coming through also in the products being fully rebranded. Everything from hardware to photo consumables was considered and had to be redesigned, including product boxes, manuals, websites and more. “The feedback to this change from partners is very positive, and they appreciate also the repositioned sub-brand to give a quality indicator of Fotolusio to our photo consumables.”

For the future DNP is well set up for further strong growth, with solid partnerships in European distributors and system integrators. In a difficult economic and business environment, DNP aims to be the reliable partner for the industry with good opportunities for growth and prosperity.