• WPS-1 EU

    The wireless shoot-to print network solution for Photographers

    The Wireless Print Server (WPS-1 EU) mobile photography solution creates a hotspot to get instant photo printing without the router or PCs. The WPS-1 EU allows professional photographers to efficiently increase their shoot-to-print business by eliminating the use of wires and memory cards.

    Developed to support professional photographers whose workflows often include mobile wireless devices, the WPS-1 EU is an Android set-top box running custom DNP software that replaces a typical PC and network router. Use a wide variety of capture devices - from cameras and cell phones to tablets and computers - coupled with a DNP photo printer for PC-fee wireless printing. The WPS-1 is designed exclusively for DNP's award-winning DS40, DS80, RX1 and DS620 dye-sublimation printers.

    Designed with a broad range of markets in mind, from the professional photographer to the mobile event photo operator and small retailer, the WPS-1 EU will be an invaluable asset for increasing workflow productivity, flexibility and profitability.