Dry Minilab

It’s time to move on, isn’t it?

Together with thousands of photo professionals you have the same thoughts: Why pay for extensive service contracts? Why overpay on energy consumption, chemical waste disposal, and repair parts? Why manage a photo system full time when it can be managed on demand? Why not be able to go with a more eco-friendly solution?

Silver Halide is becoming too expensive when print numbers are decreasing. Think dry, make sure to reduce your total cost of ownership and to maximise your profits.

DNP invites you to move on to a Nexlab – less hassle, lower costs, more time for your business!

  • nexlab6

    A variety of photo services from a scalable system.

    The nexlab™6 is the ideal system for high productivity photo centers in school and event photography as well as in retail. It allows you to offer a variety of photo services onsite, from a single interface. You are free to scale the nexlab™6 according to your requirements. You can achieve an ultra-fast photo service with a battery of high-quality DS printers, and offer a large catalogue of onsite photo products, including posters or canvases from large format printers (LFP)*, photobooks and calendars from DNP’s duplex DS80-DX and much more. Include touch screen order terminals for your retail outlet or manage your system in your studio.

    Coming with state-of-the-art functions, the nexlab™6 is designed for intuitive operation. Simple yet powerful controls and software layout enable the operators to manage their photo service. A large variety of standard and creative photo products that include standard prints from 10x15 to 20x30cm enlargements, ID pictures, collages, calendars, greeting cards and much more are supported as well as burning CD-ROM and DVD. Depending on optional output devices, also large format prints such as poster and canvas are possible.* With the new DNP DS80-DX duplex printer as an optional output device, double-sided prints up to 20x30cm, greeting cards, calendars and photobooks in several formats can be produced onsite. An ever-expanding range of further peripherals is being integrated.

    Efficient order management to a variety of output devices is at the heart of this production center, of course including management of reprints. A device dashboard shows the status of the output devices, colour-coded controls enable an overview at first glance. Print/Pass feature, pre-judge print (PJP) workflow and image editing are supported, same as the multi-product attribution of individual images and entire orders.  

    nexlab™6 will make the operators’ life simple and reduce their total cost of ownership. Whether it is used to produce hundreds or thousands of photos per hour, one will be able to process souvenir photos at superior quality. Being scalable, it can steer a battery of standard-format printers or one can add a portrait printer and even optional large format or duplex printers for additional revenues. The system will be ready for the daily tough assignment, at a space-saving footprint.

    A key element to the savings: with a DNP dye sublimation system, service and support comes at much better cost than you’re used to from traditional or even inkjet minilabs, and daily maintenance basically consists of turning it on in the morning and changing consumables when required. Dye sublimation comes with significant advantages over both Silver Halide and inkjet systems.

    The low required investment & low fixed costs of the nexlab™6 ensure one produces good profits for the business. With significant savings on maintenance fees, capital costs, energy & water consumption as well as waste disposal, one will feel the difference to an expensive traditional system. Furthermore, the easy operation means the staff can spend more time with the customers.

    The great photo quality with 300dpi and unique smooth gradation produced by DNP’s dye sublimation printers will bring a smile on customers’ faces.

    Photo service is one of the key sources of revenue, whether in retail or in event photography.  High system uptime therefore is of imminent importance for our customers. With a fleet of dye-sublimation printers and reliable software, the advantages are on their side. Due to redundancy of the printers, they will practically be ensured against downtime. And the best news is: this even costs less in maintenance!

    Bring photo service to a more ecological era. Through the intelligent new nexlab™6 operating software make it easy for the staff to operate it efficiently with minimal training. The nexlab™6 production center is fit for the job, provides significant changes to your business and produces vibrant photos and more, in a more eco-friendly way. It’s time to change, isn’t it?


    *Supported LFP include Epson 7880, 7890, Canon iPF6400 and iPF6450.

    ** Depending on optional DS printers chosen.

  • Nexlab NL2000

    The powerful system to make your photofinishing service profitable.

    The DNP Nexlab NL2000 is a highly efficient photo production centre that will make your life simple and reduce your total cost of ownership. Producing up to 1,000 photos per hour, you will be able to process your customers’ images at superior quality.

    The user interface both of the order software and of your production manager behind the counter are simple to operate. Servicing comes at a much better price than you’re used to from Silver Halide minilabs, and daily maintenance basically consists of turning it on in the morning and changing consumables from time to time. The ingenious print sorter and backprinter will make your life easy in delivering the images to the respective customer.

    And not only are you very flexible in where to place the unit, but you also don’t have to waste any space in your store: the footprint of this workhorse is only 0.56m².

    Dye-sublimation comes with significant advantages over both Silver Halide and Inkjet systems.

    Choose the Nexlab NL2000 for high volumes of photo processing – instantly in your store!