Photo Printers

With the DNP dye-sublimation photo printers, you are ensuring your photo business is efficient, reliable, cost-effective and of superior quality. Consumers will enjoy the brilliant colours, the selectable matte and glossy finish, and your offer of photo formats from 10x15 to 20x30cm (4x6 to 8x12 inch). At the same time you will be content that maintenance can be handled without a specific training, that the family of DS printers is very durable and made for large consumption in retail, and that we are able to support any project demand with drivers, firmware and software development kits (SDK). DNP – the intelligent choice for your business!

  • DS80DX

    The new duplex professional photo printer offers increased revenue potential in the growing photobook market.

    Invest in the growing market of photobooks, calendars and greeting cards. The DNP DS80DX is an innovative printer allowing you to print both single- and double-sided photo products onsite, in your shop or studio. A low investment and premium products make sure this will boost your revenues and profits. Being able to say “It’s ready in a few minutes!” positively sets you apart from your competitors.

    A vast variety of products can be produced, including photobooks in 15x20 to 20x30cm, of course also in the popular square format. Further, calendars and greeting cards can be produced both single- and double-sided, and standard portraits can be offered up to 20x30cm.

    DNP offers this model as a duplex printer in addition to DNP photo systems, with the easy-to-use Photobook Plus software on USB flash featuring all added-value photo products, or with a full DNP kiosk terminal.

    Benefit from offering high-value photo products produced onsite! 




  • DS620

    The reliable performer for onsite photo operations.

    The DS620 is to take over as the new flagship model in DNP’s printer line-up. With the new key features of enhanced durability, cost effectiveness and innovativeness, it sets the right tone to become a bestseller. Further, with its compact and well-designed body it is attractive for kiosk integrators and photo retail alike. The printer is prepared for the daily tough assignment in your business. DNP Photo Imaging Europe offers an enhanced warranty included for you, featuring 2 years standard warranty and up to 100,000 prints* on the thermal print head. Innovative new media exclusively prepared for the DS620 together with the durable printer design enable an increased lifespan, even compared to other DNP models. The new DS620 allows you to offer even more photo formats, including the popular square format 15x15cm. The rewind function allows you to offer multiple formats from the same media (e.g. 15x20 and 15x10, and even photo strips in 5x15cm), allowing you to benefit from cost savings and a reduction of media stock keeping units. Last not least, the standby mode reduces your power consumption to a minimum (<0.5W) when the printer is not in operation. When you need it again, the DS620 is back in action within just 9 seconds. Useful printer information is available directly from the printer driver. The DS620, a reliable performer!














  • DS820

    DS820 is coming soon!

    Offering two types of consumables and meeting the demands of an extended choice of photo formats up to 8x32’’ panorama, this state-of-the-art printer boosts a great image quality that perfectly fits the professional and event photo studio needs. 

    The DS820 will be available in December 2016.

  • DS-RX1HS

    20% Faster Print Speed than RX1

    This DS-RX1HS’s improved print speeds allow you to produce 290 4x6” (10x15cm) prints per hour compared to 249 prints for the RX1 printer**. For example, a 4x6’’ photo would be printed in 15 seconds with the RX1, while it would take only 12.4 with the RX1HS*. It can even decrease by 5 seconds the printing time of a 6x8’’ photo.

    Additional features: include improved operational support with the addition of USB iSerial for printing to multiple RX1HS printers; and a new Status App for Windows OS, a helper apps to monitor you printer during operation.

    The printer combines inexpensive hardware cost, low media prices and high-end capabilities to produce beautiful full color photo prints instantly and economically. At the same time it impresses with high print capacity and its compact size. The DS-RX1HS is the right choice for integrated kiosks and photo professionals.

  • DS40

    The preferred photo printer of leading system integrators and photo professionals.

    With the DS40 printer, you hold the key to years of reliable photo service, whether for your store, your fleet of photo kiosks, or your event photo business. Being honoured three years in a row with the prominent DIMA award, this printer knows how to impress. See for yourself why thousands of photo professionals have chosen it!

  • DS-RX1

    All of DNP’s dye sublimation expertise in a cost effective printer.

    DNP expands the offering in the DS series with a low investment solution. Being reliable and made for tough assignments, the DS-RX1 comes at a low investment and with very economic consumables. At the same time it impresses with high print capacity and its compact size. The DS-RX1 is the right choice for integrated kiosks and photo professionals.







  • DS80

    The studio and event expert for larger photo formats.

    A highly praised printer working for photo professionals across the planet, the DS80 is the right choice for studio and event photographers. Think about the larger formats up to 20x30cm to increase your offering and enjoy good profits. Produce matte and glossy pictures on the same consumable, in outstanding quality and speed.