DNP SnapLab™ all-in-one photo kiosk


SnapLab™ all-in-one photo kiosk

The compact photo kiosk that continues a SnapLab™ legacy.

This versatile photo kiosk can be used in any retail environment, or on the move at social events. The SnapLab™ DS-SL20 all-in-one kiosk produces laboratory quality digital photo prints in seconds. Customers will be attracted to its simple-to-use interface and exceptional quality prints, whilst you profit from a good source of income without compromising on store space.

 Offer photo formats by adding the optional A4 printer DS80 and achieve 10x15 up to 20x30cm (4x6 up to 8x12 inch) size prints. You can even add a wireless remote release for convenience in retail with a pre-payment workflow. An optional cabinet gives you an eye-catching display in your store.

All optional accessories are available in attractive bundle offers: DS-SL20 Retail and DS-SL20 PRO II. 

  • Revenue generating 

    The SnapLab™ has a high turnover for a low investment. Add borders for personalised greeting cards, create index print and collages with a single touch on the screen.

  • Versatile

    The SnapLab™ flexes from 10x15 to 15x20cm formats, and offers glossy and matte finish with no need to change the consumables.

  • Compact

    The SnapLab™ saves valuable retail space, where every square meter matters.

  • Fast

    The SnapLab™ requires only 8.1 seconds for a 10x15 print. 

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