Why should you install an onsite printing service today? This is a question worth asking when more and more images remain on computers and are shared on social networks, and in fewer photos are being printed.

What we see at DNP is that retailers who offer instant solutions are turning the trend: Consumers search for convenience, and understand an instant photo service as an instant gratification. What is important is ease of operation, good in-store communication, and a visible location. With these ingredients, you will enjoy the benefits of a service that promises good margins, positive customer experience, and repeated footfall. We are happy to share some thoughts on how you can excel!

Instant photo solutions add value and profit to a variety of retailers. DNP is proud to offer solutions to specific demands of many retailers – be it a highstreet newspaper shop, a pharmacy, traditional photo retail or a chain of supermarkets.

We can scale our offering to your needs. If you already have photo software, we are happy to provide you with high-quality photo printers that withstand the toughest assignments. They integrate well with PC & printer drivers so DNP – beyond offering our own systems to national and international retail chains – also works together with a number of system integrators providing customised solutions with our technology.

Customised systems like the DNP PrintCenter become a central piece in the store concept and are branded in coordination with your store design. And the SnapLabTM compact photo kiosk is available with distinctive retail features such as attractive furniture and payment modules. Last not least the new Passport & ID photo system DS-ID400 makes offering a profitable product child’s play.